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The defence sector is technology and intelligence led.  Intelligence Systems have to be at the forefront of information gathering, rationalisation, cleansing and interpretation.  Whilst achieving this goal it is critical that at the military delta is accounted for against normal commercial solutions and operational, through-life safety, integrator logistic and training needs analysis. 

A critical aspect of the delivery of defence systems is understanding the requirements of safety systems, high integrity, or high assurance systems.  By utilising Delkia our people can assist in all parts of the system, sub-systems, product, or platform lifecycle development and maturing.  Having a strong backing in systems lifecycle management, safety management systems and system safety under Def-Stan 00-055 and Def-Stan 00-056 (the defence standards for Safety of Programmable Elements (PE) in Defence Systems and Safety Management Requirements for Defence Systems)  allows Delkia to provide swift intelligent approaches, whilst keeping an eye on the ‘bigger picture’.  

Our award-winning team can provide our defence clients with strategic support in delivery.  Using our highly skilled systems engineers allows us to be an integrated delivery partner for programme acceleration, technical assurance, or independent assessment of isolated packages or as a bespoke isolated package for delivery for all design, build and qualification needs.  

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