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Delkia Clean Energy at DEM2024

Delkia’s Clean Energy Team attended the Nuclear Society (Sfen) international conference on decommissioning challenges – DEM 2024 – May 27-29. The event focuses on the role and importance of innovation in meeting the challenges of decommissioning nuclear facilities.


“It was great to learn more about how to trigger innovation, attract more young researchers and engineers into this field, and hear from industry experts about decommissioning challenges. As a specialist engineering & technology company for safety-related & mission-critical systems, Delkia has much to offer in this field and I talked to a number of companies about future opportunities which could create more jobs in Cumbria.” said Kurt Canfield.


DEM has been running for 20 years and Sfen is the French knowledge exchange for nuclear energy. Created in 1973, Sfen provides a space where all those who are interested in nuclear energy and its applications can obtain and exchange information. The conference will feature plenaries and technical sessions, as well as an accompanying exhibition.



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