Delkia + PWHytek = 2 UK-Based Innovative SMEs joining forces to deliver multidisciplinary projects

In this new world, we are stronger if we work together. This certainly has become the unofficial mantra of Delkia and PWHytek as the two companies have agreed to collaborate on certain projects in the failsafe sectors. ​ Delkia are a specialist Systems Integrator (SI) providing Digital Engineering, Systems Consultancy, Systems Integration, Build-to-Print, and Complex Systems Support. PWHytek are a Design for Manufacture specialist providing Mechanical Engineering, 3D/2D Design, Stress Analysis, Lifting Media/Mechanical Handling Design, Tooling Design, and Manufacturing Support. With Delkia’s specialism in EC&I, Electronics and Software Engineering alongside PWHytek’s specialism in Mechanical Engineering/Design and Manufacturing within the same sectors it was a logical step to formalise a working agreement, between the two companies.

Kurt Canfield, Managing Director of Delkia commented: “Intent of this strategic collaboration has been realised by some of our clients already. Creating defence-in-depth for both capacity and skills. A real SME asset to our clients in both Defence and Nuclear. Showing the true value of quality British engineering companies when coming together.”

Pete Welsh, Managing Director of PWHytek commented: “As we have complimentary offerings, we aren’t competing on the same jobs, so the agreement allows us to take on larger multidisciplinary projects than before due to our expanded bandwidth.”

Both companies are well positioned geographically to service the nuclear, defence and aerospace industries with Delkia based in Egremont Cumbria (in close proximity to Sellafield and Barrow in Furness) and PWHytek based in Stockport & Burnley (in close proximity to Risley, Samlesbury and Warton). With increasing financial incentivisation and focus on utilising SMEs within the Supply Chain across the sectors, please get in contact as we may help you to win more work and deliver specialist projects successfully.