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Innovating Together


Delkia has a rich culture of innovation that means we constantly strive to develop breakthrough technologies.

Our research, technology and innovation team work together with the wider Delkia team, academic and industry collaborators, suppliers and customers to develop new technologies for the future.


Our core technology programme addresses vehicle control systems development, the command and control of remote systems, and the design, build and trusted operation of uncrewed vehicles.

In addition to our core programme, we undertake other technology and research projects that align with our growth strategy.

Our robust approach to technology management ensures that safety, security, human factors and systems thinking are integral to our research from concept to operation.


Meet the Team

Peter Hudson_edited_edited.jpg

Pete Hudson

Head of Research, Technology & Innovation​​

Ben Carroll 2.jpg

Ben Carroll

Research, Technology & Innovation​​ Engineer

Paul Broadley 2_edited.jpg

Paul Broadley

Senior Research, Technology & Innovation​​ Engineer

Alasdair Regan_edited.jpg

Alasdair Regan

Senior Research, Technology & Innovation​​ Engineer

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