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Trials, Testing and Demonstration / Qualification 

Our clients in today’s era need confirmation of the compliant product and assurance of deliverables. Having this pre-substantiation is critical before implementation of the final artefact or solution. Through our dedicated manufacturing and testing facilities we are able to provide risk reduction measures utilising full-scale prototype developments via simulation, demonstration and qualified down-selected solutions, from our concept and detailed designs.  It is vital this is mitigated as early as possible, otherwise the continued lifecycle costs can be astronomic if proceeded with low confidence. 

Delkia’s client offer includes technical consultancy, technology, and engineering design (concept and detailed) as well as systems integration (design and build).  This offer allows us to simulate solutions in the virtual space replicating the digital-twinned environment of the clients chosen implementation state.  With our manufacturing and testing facility it allows us to offer our clients full-prototype development and qualification against user requirements specification.


Using our 5000 sq. ft dedicated facility for testing we can harness test cases and system qualification plans that test the system before implementation into the live / real environment. This provides early confidence, product assurance and reduces the risk of the failure or not meeting the client requirements.   

  • Temperature Testing

  • Thermal Imaging

  • Ingress Protection

  • EMC

  • Functional Testing (simulated in 3D and in real-time)

  • Live and Dead Testing

  • Leakage Testing

  • Vibration Testing

  • Environmental Testing

  • Static and Dynamic Testing

  • Mock-Ups (descaled and upscaled)

  • Prototype Development

  • Inspection

  • Fault Analysis Replication

  • Reverse Engineering 




TEL: 01946 812288

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