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Specialist Systems Integrator

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Fusion reactor Tokamak - Delkia

About us

​Delkia is a specialist systems integrator operating throughout the UK and Internationally for mission critical and highly regulated sectors, with a focus on : Aerospace, Clean Energy and Maritime sectors.

Our offering includes digital engineering, systems and technical consultancy, systems integration, engineering design, build-to-print, control panel build and complex control systems support, all of which are harnessed specifically for each project's needs, maturity and technology requirements. 

Our approach is to build long-lasting partnerships with our clients through the right expertise and approach. This enables us to know your exact needs, add value and innovation, as well as providing you the right services, at the right time, both tactically and strategically. 






3 sites

Across the UK


Specialist Sectors

At Delkia we work in a range of highly regulated sectors, find out more about our specialist experience below...

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