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Fusion reactor Tokamak - Delkia

About us

​Delkia is a specialist engineering & technology company for safety-related & mission-critical systems serving Aerospace, Clean Energy and Maritime sectors. We provide some of the most complex, high performing control systems in the UK and work in an agile and collaborative manner, finding solutions at all stages throughout the project lifecycle.


Our mission is to enable a safer, more resilient world through the provision of engineering and technological solutions.


We take pride in our role as a partner for safety-critical systems, ensuring the protection of people, assets and missions that matter most. 








3 sites

Across the UK


Specialist Sectors

Delkia work across the whole of the CADMID life cycle specialising in engineering design and systems integration, supported by our technical consultancy expertise in high-integrity and mission-critical control systems.


In addition to working with major partners in the following sectors: Aerospace, Clean-Energy and Maritime, Delkia actively invest in research and development, working closely with major universities. Find out more about our work in specialist sectors by clicking the links below.

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