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Supply Chain Charter

 Working with Our Supply Chain

At Delkia, we believe that procuring in a responsible, innovative manner, in line with our core values ensures that we deliver better value to our customers. We want to ensure all suppliers of all sizes assist us in working collaboratively to achieve lasting commercial, environmental, and social benefits.

Signatories to this charter have agreed to support us in delivering social, economic and environmental benefits from our supply chain, operating to the highest achievable ethical standards using best practice and fostering a culture of continual improvement.


We expect our partners and suppliers to demonstrate their processes and performance against the contents of this charter and we openly encourage suppliers to flow-down our standards of operating through their respective supply chains, whilst promoting the values of respect, trust and integrity.


For the purpose of this charter, the term ‘supplier’ refers to all businesses within our supply chain providing goods, services and works in return for payment. All suppliers are expected to ensure they meet all their legal obligations and any additional industry standard practices applicable.


In return Delkia offers the following commitments to their supply chain, we will:

  • Communicate and operate with fairness and transparency.

  • Ensure best practice and the highest ethical standards are adhered to.

  • Make available the information and resources necessary to deliver our projects successfully.

  • Build trusted and lasting relationships using a collaborative approach with all suppliers.

  • Support suppliers to enhance competence, improve performance and promote a culture of continual improvement.

 Delkia's Core Values

Delkia’s values are what bind us together and guide us to make the right decisions, they are weaved into the way we work, and we ask our suppliers to do adopt the same set of values and principles.


Delkia’s core values are:

  • Collaboration and teamwork

  • Integrity, trust and accountability

  • Safety and security

  • Client focus

  • Social value and impact

  • Continuous improvement

 Health and Safety, Security and Wellbeing

We expect our suppliers to keep their people and data safe at all times.


All suppliers must have in place effective management systems for health and safety, and information and cyber security. The systems should be appropriate for the nature and scale of their business and the goods, works or services they provide, ensuring compliance with all laws in relation to health and safety and information security, as well as standards specific to their industry.


We expect our suppliers to ensure all staff are suitably trained with the skillset required to deliver the health and safety requirements necessary for their roles and responsibilities and provide access to mental health awareness through positive and encouraging conversations to collaboratively reduce mental health stigma in the workplace.

 Ethical Conduct and Governance

We will not tolerate corruption, bribery and unfair anti-competitive actions and recommend our suppliers to:

•   Comply with applicable legal and accounting requirements inclusive of, but not limited, to competition, procurement and finance laws.

• Never offer or accept any undue payment, directly or indirectly, gaining advantage for the purpose of influencing any person to act against their prescribed duties.

• Act in a responsible and legal manner in relation to their tax affairs.

• Have systems in place for data protection - suppliers must handle personal data and respect the privacy of the individual.

• Modern slavery – suppliers must ensure all staff are working under free will and receive the correct salaries owed to them in line with government guidelines.

 Human Rights

We expect all businesses in our supply chain to offer a safe workplace that is free from, intimidation, harassment and fear. We expect all suppliers to work to the overriding principles of the Modern Slavery Act 2015, we remain committed to promoting equal opportunities to our employees, customers and suppliers.


We expect our supply chain to treat all people equally, with respect and dignity. We do not discriminate, or tolerate discrimination on the grounds of age, colour, disability, ethnicity, gender, marital status, sexual orientation, religion, faith or on any other illegal grounds.

 Fair Employment Conditions and Treatment

As a signatory to the Prompt Payment Code, we’re committed to paying our suppliers on time. We do not tolerate the withholding of payments to SMEs.


We expect our suppliers to follow this example and commit to the principles of the code and encourage them to publish their performance. We recognise the value of SMEs to our business and we encourage all our suppliers to engage with SMEs as appropriate to unlock the full potential of their supply chain.


All suppliers should pay the living wage in line with current Government legislation.

 Community Participation

Our suppliers should actively develop and manage social and economic benefits in their neighbourhoods to improve the wellbeing of living and working there.


We expect suppliers to understand how their activities impact their local area and community. We recommend they make positive contributions and actively partake in community engagement exercises; this will enhance and develop a healthy and inclusive local partnership.


We encourage suppliers to understand their dependency on the natural environment to help reduce their carbon footprint and to invest in local schemes.


We recognise that a significant change in practice is needed to procure and utilise resources sustainably, in a combined effort to mitigate climate change, prevent pollution and protect and enhance biodiversity. We set challenging objectives relevant to our business and encourage our suppliers to demonstrate how they plan to do the same.

 Best Practice

We will work towards adopting best practice and techniques in sustainable procurement and expect our supply chain to follow suit. Suppliers are expected to work towards best practice for their sector, using innovative solutions for managing environmental and social impacts and opportunities.

 Collaboration & Teamwork

We value our relationships within our supply chain and are committed to nurturing opportunities for collaboration and innovation. Suppliers are asked to raise awareness of best practice, developments and innovations on products which support our growth and ambitions. In return we will demonstrate support for all suppliers to improve and grow across our operations in relation to the principles within this charter.

 Contact & Communications

We want to hear from any individual or organisation with any feedback or areas of improvement about this charter concerning our supply chain, their premises or operations.


We expect suppliers to ensure that any employees and suppliers providing feedback shall not be disciplined or discriminated against. Feedback can be made confidentially via or 01946 812288.

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