About Delkia

What we do


Delkia is a specialist Systems Integrator (SI) operating throughout the UK and Internationally for mission critical and highly regulated sectors including Nuclear, Defence, Aerospace, Maritime, Automotive and Space. 


As safety related specialists our offering includes digital engineering, engineering design, systems consultancy, systems integration, build-to-print, control panel build and complex systems support. ​

Our approach is to build long-lasting and trusting partnerships with our clients through the right expertise and approach. This enables us to know their exact needs, add value and innovation, as well as provide the right services, at the right time, both tactically and strategically. 

History and Foundation 

Founded in 2013 and borne out of the nuclear sector Delkia has developed an impressive blue-chip portfolio.  With a team of dedicated experts to evaluate, design systems to integrate, install, commission and maintain, we’re an innovative engineering services provider dedicated to the profession.


We believe we have a flexible and personal approach to all of our clients and we work hard to build lasting relationships. We are unique in being able to offer our clients an in-house solutions.


Delkia are able to seamlessly integrate between all stages of a project life-cycle, yet allow the choice of each of the specific services we offer independently as suited to the project.

Our Facilities

Delkia currently has over 5,000 sq. ft. of manufacturing, assembly and testing space to offer clients, with dedicated areas for testing and assembly, systems integration workshops and a new electronics laboratory to support the organisation’s growing capability in systems engineering and complex systems engineering.

We have an impressive blue-chip company portfolio and pride their offer on its skills base, knowledge, past performance, British heritage and quality.

Operating in an ethical and safe manner are core principles within our company, and we are committed to conducting our activities with respect to the community and the environment.

Our Accreditations

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Our Values

At the core of our operations are our values:


We will be collaborative in nature and ensure the highest levels of integrity with a “one team” vision with our clients and partners


We will grow our business in a sustainable and profitable way


We will ensure we add value to our clients and understand their aims and objectives


We will continuously invest in our staff and our technical capability


We will promote innovative technologies from design to manufacture


We are cognisant of our impact on the environment through our system integration solutions and the need to continually reduce energy consumption, carbon footprint and impact through the entire lifecycle of the product.