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Software Development

Delkia offer our clients the flexibility of full and limited variability languages for their software development needs in an ever-changing and dynamic engineering environment. Our expertise in software development, automation, processing, and control systems allow us to align the right development platform for the client’s needs.

Using our development processes (in accordance with IEC 15288) for software and systems development, Delkia manage every part of the software development life-cycle, with requirements management, development, integration, testing and validation being at the forefront of our services.

Safety-related systems development is one our core skill-sets, providing compliance and software resources SQEPed to IEC 61508-3, Def-Stan 00-055, DO178C and ISO 26262 for projects in nuclear, defence, aviation and automotive technology. Not only do Delkia deliver as your trusted system integrator and software developer, but we also harness best practice from industry and cutting-edge development methods for safety-related and complex systems.




TEL: 01946 812288

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