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Control Panel Build

Delkia are experts in control panel building, build-to-print and a range of control, electrical and instrumentation services.


Our dedicated, in-house, team provide build-to-print (BTP) and design services, from concept to manufacturing readiness in 3D.  Customers can avoid multiple contract placements, saving time and money.
In addition, our in-house programming and control system expertise ensures we are an intelligent design-and-build supplier.  


With a proven track record and large portfolio of blue-chip companies Delkia’s innovative and cost-effective engineering solutions exceed our client’s expectations and requirements.  

Throughout the years Delkia have completed many control systems including:

  • Radiometric Systems 

  • Security Control Systems 

  • Lighting Control Systems 

  • Trap-key Interlock Systems 

  • Nuclear Safety Systems

  • High Integrity Pressure Protection Systems

  • CCTV Control Systems 

  • Marine Connection Units 

  • Plant Inter-marshalling Cubicles 

  • Crane Control Systems 

  • Communication Systems 

  • IT / ICT Control Systems 

  • Power and Switchgear Systems 

  • Refurbishment Systems 

  • Asset Care Projects 

  • Marine DP3 / DP4 Control Systems 

  • Prime Mover Control Systems 

  • Environmental Control Systems 

  • Vehicle Control Systems

  • Flight Control Systems

  • Emergency Shut-Down Systems




TEL: 01946 812288

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