Control Panel Build

Delkia have an extensive history in control panel building, build-to-print and a range of control, electrical and instrumentation services.  Using dedicated, in-house expertise that cannot only provide the build-to-print (BTP) but also provide design services as well, from concept to manufacturing readiness in 3D.  Making the transition for each project as smooth as possible and avoiding multiple contract placements.  This enhances communications and sub-contract responsibilities, saving time and cost for our clients.
Coupled with our in-house programming and control system expertise this allows us to become an intelligent design-and-build supplier.   With a proven track record and large portfolio of blue-chip companies Delkia’s innovative and cost-effective engineering solutions exceed our client’s expectations and requirements.  


Throughout the years Delkia have completed many control systems including:

  • Radiometric Systems 

  • Security Control Systems 

  • Lighting Control Systems 

  • Trap-key Interlock Systems 

  • Nuclear Safety Systems

  • High Integrity Pressure Protection Systems

  • CCTV Control Systems 

  • Marine Connection Units 

  • Plant Inter-marshalling Cubicles 

  • Crane Control Systems 

  • Communication Systems 

  • IT / ICT Control Systems 

  • Power and Switchgear Systems 

  • Refurbishment Systems 

  • Asset Care Projects 

  • Marine DP3 / DP4 Control Systems 

  • Prime Mover Control Systems 

  • Environmental Control Systems 

  • Vehicle Control Systems

  • Fight Control Systems

  • Emergency Shut-Down Systems







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