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There are many challenges to overcome in providing sustainable and cost-effective future energy solutions, that protect the planet from climate change and provide cleaner air and energy security, without further depleting natural resources.

This is creating new engineering challenges which Delkia is ready to meet as the leading British specialist systems integrator and partner of choice in providing engineering and technology services for high-integrity and mission-critical systems.

Delkia has a track record in engineering solutions in the Control, Electrical and Instrumentation (CE&I) domain. Our offering includes digital engineering, systems and technical consultancy, systems integration, engineering design, build-to-print, control panel build and complex system support.


Operating throughout the UK and Internationally in highly-regulated sectors, including Aerospace, Clean Energy and Maritime, Delkia has an enviable transferable skill set coupled with highly skilled staff. This enables Delkia to deliver innovative value-for-money products and services that protect lives and critical assets.

Delkia – your strategic partner.

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