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Driven by our Values 

Systems Integration | Engineering Design | Technical Consultancy 

Team Delkia developed the values that underpin everything we do as a company. We share a vision, a purpose and a mission to offer the best in engineering and technology for safety-related & mission-critical systems. Our work protects people and assets across clean energy, aerospace and maritime sectors.

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Our Vision

To be the UK's leading engineering and technology partner for safety-related and mission-critical systems.

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Our Mission

To enable a safer, more resilient world through the provision of engineering & technological solutions. We take pride in our role as a partner for saftey-critical systems, ensuring the protection of people, assets & missions that matter most.

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Our Values
  • Collaboration & teamwork

  • Integrity, trust & accountability

  • Safety & security

  • Client focused

  • Positive social value & impact

  • Continuous Improvement

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Our Purpose

At Delkia we are driven by our purpose to protect lives and critical assets.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

As a responsible organisation, Delkia are committed to adopting an increasingly sustainable approach to the management of our business and our people. We will apply the principles of corporate responsibility, taking into consideration our wider economic, social and environmental impacts, to help guide our approach in everything we do.

To accomplish this, we have a range of clearly set out policies and procedures to help us meet the following objectives:

Our customers: to keep our clients ahead of their competitors and meeting their stakeholder requirements by striving to achieve and exceed our clients’ expectations via quality and professional work.

Our people: to create safe, inclusive and fair workplace for all of our employees and subcontractors with health and safety, equality and innovation at the heart of everything we do. Our people are actively encouraged to contribute towards our business goals, developing and learning through experience and continuous professional development.

Health and safety: to operate and maintain workplaces that ensure the health and wellbeing of the Delkia team, clients and the public are of the upmost concern.

Our community: to actively support our local community by making a positive contribution.

The environment: to protect and improve the state of the environment for future generations. Delkia is committed to the protection of our environment by integrating environmental compliance and pollution prevention into every aspect of our business.

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