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Delkia has been involved in the delivery of specialist systems for many years and advocated the changes in the technological advances we are starting to see in both commercial and defence needs.  Two of the biggest challenges that will change the horizon to shipping and naval requirements will firstly be cyber security, through key legislative changes in the safety management systems. Secondly, and arguably much more of challenge, is decarbonisation of platforms and shipping.   

More notably are also the changes in technology development and adoption via the advances in Industry 4.0 revolution, using Machine Learning, Manufacturing Robotics and Artificial Intelligence, for the maritime sector.   

Fortunately, Delkia’s internal cyber programme ‘Karma’ has seen successes and major investment within the systems engineering space, with development of patent-pending technology in decarbonisation, allows the opportunity for this target to be accelerated with higher performance and increased reliability in systems. Our team have operated the world-over on projects. As well as supporting national critical infrastructure projects for the British Navy, Delkia have harnessed our expertise from working with various other regulators such as American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) and DNV (Det Norske Veritas) GL. In addition to using our expertise that facilitates systems development and integration of up to SIL 3 safety systems on various mission-critical and complex global platforms, both in the commercial and defence sectors. 

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