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Independent Assessments
and Auditing

There are several reasons that independent assessments are required on engineering and technological projects, especially those of a safety-related nature or complex in development. The first is regulatory, a need for assessment independent to the project whether the regulator requires this or the applied engineering standard. Secondly, is the risk reduction, confidence and assurance aspects of a given system.  Those of a higher integrity or assurance development level are notably more scrutinised or assessed. 

The cost of not doing this independent assessment can be catastrophic either through not meeting the client requirements, not achieving certification, or not meeting regulatory requirements.  Worst still, this usually costs a significant re-work in some instances millions of pounds to correct.  In the most severe instance, an accident occurs resulting in damage to equipment or worse, loss of life.   

Using highly qualified and most importantly experienced individuals to support our independent audits and assessments for systems, sub-systems, and products.  From Functional Safety Assessments (FSA) and Audits to Stages of Involvement (SOIs) or Functional Safety Professionals can add critical value to our clients and can (and have) provided multi-million pound saving to programme.  Using Delkia as your trusted independent assurance partner will not only provide you the confidence you need but also provide the additional value-add with a pragmatic and compliant approach in our sectors. 




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