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Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE)

As technology, systems and sub-systems become larger, more complex and higher levels of fidelity the times of using paper-based engineering for the modern systems engineer is becoming less, although it still plays a vital part. With system engineering advances with increasing interfaces the systems engineering fraternity is turning to Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE).  


For large or complex systems this engineering paradigm propagates the use of models through parent / child relationships replacing conventional paper-based systems engineering. The use of MBSE supports requirements management and development, support analysis, specification, design, validation, verification and integration lifecycle activities through the development stages.

Using this modelling approach Delkia can create virtual representation of a real-world system.  Allowing us to see how it functions but also how it behaves in the simulated environment. Coupled with the ability for Delkia to support process model simulation and analysis our combined offer truly replicated the systems accuracy and performance that can't be recreated by hardware prototypes alone. This allows us to save our clients time and cost whilst improving quality of system design early in the development lifecycle.


Through automatic generation of code, reducing errors and developing test benches for systems verification are some of the benefits of using an MBSE approach for future control systems.  This can be used on large and complex systems but within signal processing, security, safety and communication systems. 

  • Communicate effectively, succinctly and without ambiguity of the systems design intent across various project stakeholders 

  • Keeping accurate design intent linking requirements to the actual digital design 

  • Identify and correct errors continuously by integrating testing with design 

  • Refine algorithms through multidomain simulation

  • Automatically generate embedded software code and documentation

  • Develop and reuse test suites

  • Develop control algorithms that require high fidelity systems

  • Clear system visualisations and supporting simulations systems 

  • Qualification and Integration Toolsets 

  • Clear articulation into the safety case complementing other toolsets such as GSN 




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