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The aviation sector is increasingly starting to see many technological and engineering challenges.  This is true to advancing new platforms like Tempest in the Defence sector.  Technologies that include scalable-automation, integrated sensory systems and software driven fly-by-wire avionics require a step change via its supply chain not only in the defence sector but in the commercial sector too.    ​

With Delkia’s multifaceted approach to technology sectoring and being able to draw on real-time integration systems makes the perfect systems partner.  Product requirements are under more pressure to deliver earlier with confidence of lead-time and decreasing standard-time values.  

Delkia’s people and infrastructure capability address ever increasing challenges in data gathering, use of robotics manufacturing and leaning on Industry 4.0 successes such as Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence in an aerodynamic context.  Bringing together our expertise in ARP4754 (Aerospace Recommended Practice Guidelines for Development of Civil Aircraft and Systems) and local domain and international regulatory understanding and application adds significant value to our clients.  Supplementing support for certification, airworthiness assessments and high levels of assurance through stages of involvement (SOIs) makes Delkia the assured partner for your systems and product development.  

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