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Delkia Wins Innovating for Success Grant

Delkia has been awarded £50,000 by Cumbria Local Enterprise Partnership. "This will kickstart the development part of our flagship Research and Development project, Project Bumblebee, allowing us to turn our innovative idea into intellectual property and add value to our rapidly growing company;" said Ben Carroll, Research and Development Deputy Manager.

Ben went on to say: "the hardware purchased with the support of this grant will allow us to prototype our unique method for generating safety-certified vehicle control code, ready for demonstration at the major defence exhibition DSEI, autumn 2023. This will be the first of many R&D projects for Delkia, as innovation is one of our key strategic pillars, and we are proud to be entering the exciting world of innovation.”

The LEP’s ‘Innovating for Success’ grants will help Cumbria’s small and medium businesses to both innovate and cut their carbon emissions. A total of 18 local businesses have been awarded Innovation grants of up to £50,000, whilst a further 14 businesses have been awarded Decarbonisation grants. The one-off grants will part fund investment projects, helping unlock further investment into the county.

Delkia has also recently received an award from the Intellectual Property Office (IPO - the official UK government body responsible for intellectual property, IP, rights) in order to conduct an IP Audit for the company, with a focus on Project Bumblebee.

Delkia has its HQ and manufacturing unit in Cumbria, with design offices and R&D facilities in Lancashire.


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