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Engineering for all

To mark both National Career's Week and International Women's Day, Aimee Morgan, Delkia's new Capability Development Officer has highlighted some key stats on Women in STEM and engineering.

It has been a long-known fact that there is a gender gap with women being underrepresented not just in our sector, but in STEM (science technology engineering and mathematics) both in the workplace and studying STEM related subjects.

At Delkia we want to encourage as many women as possible into studying and working in engineering and STEM related specialties, and we’re passionate about the many benefits of having a career in our sector. (We even have some open career opportunities right now – visit to find out more and apply.)

STEM Women report that in 2019 only 26% of graduates in core STEM subjects were female, with only 16% in engineering and technology subjects.

It’s not all bad news

Research in 2020 has found that there has been an increase of 93% in engineering during the last decade and the number of females applying for engineering courses has also doubled.

5 reasons to work in engineering...

  1. Engineering is very diverse, there are numerous specialisms, sectors and industries to work in. At Delkia alone we specialise in the Nuclear, Defence, Maritime, Aerospace and Space sectors.

  2. Solving today's problems for tomorrow – using close links to science and research in universities we at Delkia enjoy designing and building solutions (through systems integration) for our clients to solve many of today's challenging and complex problems

  3. Flexible work and travel – engineering doesn’t just offer projects across the UK, but the world. At Delkia we offer flexible working practices that can fit around family life and other commitments, remote working options alongside an office base for our team.

  4. Competitive wages – at Delkia, alongside company benefits, we offer generous salaries.

  5. Creativity and innovation – a core value of Delkia is our ability to empower and invest into our teams' ideas and aspiration through our research, development and demonstration division. Leading on many new technology fronts allows our team to embrace the latest in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Autonomous Systems and other Industry 4.0 development

For more information on the roles available at Delkia now visit the careers section of our website – if you don’t see a role suited to you at this point please send your CV to and we can keep you on file for the future.


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