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Delkia’s Celebrates Success in Apprenticeships - National Apprenticeship Week 5-9 February 2024

Delkia launched five short videos, one each day during National Apprenticeship Week, 5-9 February 2024, to celebrate the contribution of apprenticeships in roles as varied as business administration, marketing, HR, electrical & electronic engineering, and project management.


Delkia supports apprenticeships to build skills and develop the leaders of the future. In the last year 2 people have successfully completed apprenticeships at Delkia, with a further 3 degree level apprentices in place, all learning the skills they need for life.


‘Delkia is dedicated to offering opportunities to young people in to join a fast-growing technology company and build the skills they need for their future careers and life. In the last year we have had two people successfully complete their apprenticeships who have gone on to start permanent employment with Delkia and have three degree level apprentices making a massive contribution in their roles in engineering, project management and marketing. This is just part of our commitment to supporting STEM careers and continuing to grow Delkia as the company goes from success to success.’  

 Kurt Canfield, CEO 

‘Delkia’s welcoming atmosphere provides an apprentice with the much-needed support and encouragement to consistently improve and grow into their role. The team are highly entrusting, assisting apprentices with greater responsibilities; a challenging

but rewarding and enjoyable experience.’

Hayden, Project Management apprentice


‘Delkia is the best place to do an apprenticeship as you get to work with experienced colleagues, who help you progress through your apprenticeship and career.’ Jack, EC&I Design Engineering apprentice


‘Delkia is a great place to do an apprenticeship as it offers wide range of hands-on training which increases engagement within your role and improves your critical thinking skills.’

Leisha, Business Support apprentice


‘Embarking on an apprenticeship provided me with a unique set of skills that I feel I wouldn’t have even come across if I had chosen any other path and fostered a deeper understanding of the industry Delkia operate in. I have cultivated problem solving abilities,

prioritisation, and a strong work ethic.

Sophie, HR apprenticeship

‘Delkia is an excellent place to complete an apprenticeship because the business is expanding and offers a wide range of opportunities to learn new skills.’

Zakiya, Digital Marketing degree apprentice


Delkia is committed to growing STEM careers, working closely with leading universities to develop engineers of the future and each summer the company takes on interns to work on R&D projects.

All vacancies can be found at:


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