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Outstanding Quality Performance from Delkia

Delkia has achieved a hat-trick of quality successes in quality management, health and safety and information security. Kurt Canfield, CEO of Delkia said: “As specialists in mission-critical and safety-critical systems integration quality is at the heart of everything we do.”

The three quality achievements are:

1. Recertification of ISO 9001 – Quality Management, which provides quality assurance to our customers and stakeholders that work meets a high level of quality,

2. Reaccreditation of ISO 45001 – Health and Safety, demonstrating a high level of commitment to health and safety,

3. Passing an ISO 27001 – Information Security - audit with flying colours earlier this year, ensuring our information security is at the forefront of our business operation.

Vicky Johnston, Head of Assurance, new-mom and newly certified Quality and OH&S Internal Auditor led these successes.

Vicky joined Delkia in February 2020 as Office Manager before taking over Marketing. Following maternity leave to have her daughter Aoife, Vicky returned to work part-time as Head of Assurance in July 2022. Since then, she has successfully gained certificates as a Qualified Internal Auditor from The Chartered Quality Institute and International Register of Certificated Auditors.

“I really enjoyed my training. I learnt some good points about things I’d not thought about and gained reassurance that I had been doing things right.” said Vicky.

This investment in quality and in training is just one of the reasons why Delkia is the UK’s fastest growing systems integrator.

Vicky Johnston, Head of Assurance


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