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Electronics Design and Development

Keeping abreast of complex technologies is critical to our clients in remaining ahead of the competition. Whether this be communication, nuclear plant-life extension (obsolescence) autonomous systems control including vehicles, aviation and flight control to robotics and intelligent drone tasks, Delkia’s expertise spans the latest advances in systems engineering. 

Delkia’s awarding-winning approach is to assist our clients through technology-driven results in developing their platforms, products, or services. From the early concepts, optioneering, use cases and requirements management, behavioural analysis, to validation, verification, and testing (VVT) are the foundation for most complex systems.  Delkia’s capability is comprehensive from both our specialist and experienced people, but also through our state-of-the-art electronics development labs. 

Delkia’s integrated PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) and PDM (Product Data Management) systems allow us to configure, baseline and track the design implementation throughout CAD systems including CFD, simulation, circuit analysis and behaviour, at the lowest hardware levels. We provide integrated solutions that address thermal challenges, reduce the design lifecycle time, late-design changes, and product costs.  This allows our technology solutions to increase reliability, through cooling solutions on integrated circuits, rationalise and improve heatsink designs which integrate into thermal efficiencies of printed circuit boards and surface-mounted technologies.




TEL: 01946 812288

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