In todays market clients are routinely engaging with Delkia to develop systems that fully harness the technological capabilities of the equipment available. As a specialist systems integrator we are experts at bringing diverse technologies together to maximise system capability.  

A critical element in this field is the development of autonomous solutions, an area which Delkia offers significant expertise, with an extensive skill set and technological knowledge of data acquisition technologies, machine learning, power management, power sharing systems, detection systems and remote-control networks, as well as many more which when integrated are pivotal in the development of an autonomous solution. 

The development of autonomous solutions can be critical to safe delivery of mission critical work in high hazard environments, reducing the potential for human injury, whilst maximising the efficiency of the system in totality.  System autonomy can also provide information to deliver predictive maintenance allowing end users to have increased confidence in system performance, defined predictive maintenance strategies minimising potential downtime and allows clients to move away from historical reactive maintenance regimes which were costly in both resource and operational downtime. 

A key feature of Delkia’s offering in this market is our ability to develop autonomous systems which also meet the requirements of a Safety System utilising our in house capability for full lifecycle product development showing compliance with the sector standards.