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Engineering Substantiation 

Delkia’s highly skilled team utilise their extensive engineering knowledge and understanding to provide support to clients in the provision of engineering and design substantiation in support of safety cases.


Delkia has a proven track record in advising clients on how Functional Safety Requirements may be substantiated, as well as supporting the determination of the appropriate level of substantiation for systems and components. By carrying out the appropriate engineering substantiation activities operators can ensure safe operation of SSC’s throughout the safety lifecycle.

In delivery of Engineering Substantiation a number of activities can be performed by the Delkia team these include:

  • Operational History Review

  • SSC Design Review

  • Independent Peer reviews

  • Plant Walkdowns

  • Maintenance Regime Assessment

  • Obsolescence Reviews

  • Equipment/Technology  Reviews

  • Intelligent Customer Roles

  • Safety Function Requirement Review

The team at Delkia can offer a wealth of experience in support of engineering substantiation, drawing upon their experience and knowledge within the sector, as well as an exceptionally high level of familiarity with the types of systems and interfaces such as ponds, vessels, nuclear lifting equipment, waste retrieval and processing etc.




TEL: 01946 812288

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