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Safety Case

Today’s complex systems and operations mean it is vital that engineering and technological solutions are underpinned to operate safety via arguments, evidence for the platform, facility, or product.  That underpinning requires the most experienced and qualified people to justify to the regulator that it is compliant with the  domain context.

At Delkia we provide comprehensive support to the development and management of safety case documentation, from hazard and risk analysis to the implementation of the engineering, for example through functional safety or systems safety standards or guidance.  Our people in Delkia allow us to provide a harmonised approach between the safety team and engineering through responsibility allocation and electronic safety case such as goal structured notation (GSN). 

Our experience spans over 30 years for safety-related and mission-critical systems in our domains. Delkia is a Certified Functional Safety Professional Integrator and provides experience in hazard identified, tracking, management, logging and documentation generation, providing the most suitably qualified and experienced resources to ensure the most compliant and safe documentation. 

Safety Case Support Delkia




TEL: 01946 812288

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