Functional Safety &
Safety Systems Management

National and International standards for functional safety directly influence how safety systems are managed throughout the entirety of the safety lifecycle. Designers, manufacturers and system owners implement safety through processes, systems and product design, operations and maintenance phases of the lifecycle.

All contributors to the solutions encompassing any safety contribution are responsible for demonstrating conformance to the requirements of the most recently approved nationally and internationally recognised functional safety standards.

Functional safety must be developed and validated through all the relevant phases of the safety lifecycle, i.e. from concept through to system deactivation/decommissioning, this includes the development of the safety requirements specification during the design phase, operations and maintenance as well as safety system modifications during the lifecycle, it is critical to recognise and qualify the impact of the modification to the safety system.

Delkia offers a fully managed service utilising certified Functional Safety Engineers and Functional Safety Practitioners capable of providing expert advice and input throughout the lifecycle and can provide the most value if involved at the early stages of the design as is possible, it is much more costly in time, schedule and financially to attempt to retro-fit the functional safety management requirements at the late stages of a design/project.


Our experts can support FMEA, substantiation assessments, reliability analysis tools and methodologies as well as many more options in support of the lifecycle management of functional safety systems.








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