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As both engineering and technology become more complex, configurable, reliable, resilient and safe, the maturity of systems engineering brings game-changing advances to our clients. 

At its core principle, systems engineering is to integrate a set of elements, subsystems, or assemblies that accomplish a defined objective. These elements include products (hardware, software, firmware), processes, people, information, techniques, facilities, services, and other support elements. [INCOSE]

Our award-winning approach and expertise allow us to offer our clients engineering and technological support through all parts of the project, product, or services lifecycle. Supporting projects through technological feasibility studies, optioneering, cost-benefits analysis, needs analysis through design and implementation phases. These include our capability integration with the client or via independence to achieve and deliver concept design, detailed design, software and hardware development, validation, verification, integration and test under a full configuration management. 

Delkia’s design, build and integration approach allows us to then provide our expertise in operations, through life safety and support as well integrated logistic including T-RAMS assessments (Throughput, Reliability, Availability, Maintenance, and Safety). We’re proud of our engineers and their expertise to provide client focused programmes through our systems engineering support keeping costing, schedule and performance achieving the highest quality of product that meets our clients or users' needs. 




TEL: 01946 812288

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